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3.0 Products and Services

Below is a brief description of the real estate activities offered by the Company. The development services that include: . Land acquisition . Home building . Interior embellishment . Exterior decoration . Gardening . Home sales . Home renting . Property management

3.1 Developer of Residential Real Estate

The Company will primarily engage the business of developing residential properties with the intent to sell or rent the property once the project is completed. The company will be as well taking vacation home construction orders from Canadian clientele.

Much of the Company's services at the start-up will be outsourced. This includes, construction orders, construction approval, development and interior decoration, appraising and market analysis services.
. Home buyers engagement by HOMELIFE/BAYVIEW REALTY INC., Toronto, Canada.
. Home inspection and market analysis services will be handled by Realty Executive Signature LLC, Naples, FL.
. Home construction will be provided by Conceptual Design Builders LLC, Naples, FL.

Each of these companies has a proven track record in terms of affordability and service and long term personal relations with the owner. However, the Company plans aggressively convert the outsourced services into in-house ones. Our first priority is to help the potential buyer to set a realistic price on the property. That is why it is very important to determine an accurate and objective market value for property building.

3.2 Rental of Completed Properties

If the real estate market does not provide a fair and reasonable market value for the property, then the Company will rent out the house until market value goes up. After the development process is complete, the Company will quickly reinvest the assets to a new real estate project for a significant profit. There are several considerations that the Company must deal with before purchasing land for development purposes. Once the property is competed the business will sell the property or rent it in order to generate income to satisfy the possible debt obligations of the business.

The purchase of residential property for seasonal and annual rent periods is the secondary business of the Company. Residential real estate will provide a continuous stream of rental income that the Company will use for reinvestment and profit stability. The Company is developing a complex economic pricing strategy that will determine the fair market rate of a property based on its capitalization rate in conjunction with the market values of residential property. Residential real estate appreciates in value during the rent time and it is the least risky form of real estate investing because the service offered is a necessity.
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